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Welcome to my I eat cats homepage

Hi! My name is Mina, I am a dirty Egyptian and one of my favourite hobbies is eating cats!
Hi there my name is Mina or what id rather be called as Mimo. Did you know my name is also a word that means Tits. At home i normally eat cats or screw my family but i relly love eating cats!

I EAT CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i eat a cat for breaky........2 for lunch.............26 for tea and 1 and a hlf for desert

GIVE ME CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!, IM HUNGRY. NEED CATS, HUNGRY!! NEED CATS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you know of any abandond cat, send me an email and ill eat them as soon as posible (send some salt to give em extra tast )

go to my photo page now!!!!!!!!!!!!



This is the last reported sighting of my cat Fluffy. I later found out that Mina has it. Oh well i guess i'll never see my poor fluffy again.

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